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What is the 5th Dimension?

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

What Does 5th Dimensional Look Like?

Interstellar, a science fiction film directed by Christopher Nolan, captivated audiences with its stunning visuals and mind-bending plot. One of the most intriguing aspects of the movie is its portrayal of the fifth dimension, which has left many viewers wondering if the film's depiction of this phenomenon is accurate. In this article, we will explore the science behind the fifth dimension and discuss how Interstellar got it right.

To begin with, it is essential to understand what dimensions are in the first place. We are familiar with three dimensions in everyday life: length, width, and height. These are also known as spatial dimensions, and they allow us to describe the position and size of objects in the physical world. In addition to these, there is a fourth dimension: time. Together, these four dimensions make up what is known as spacetime.

However, in the realm of theoretical physics, there are several other dimensions that are believed to exist beyond the four that we experience in our everyday lives. These dimensions are known as extra dimensions or hidden dimensions. While they may be difficult or impossible for us to perceive directly, they are an essential part of many theories that seek to explain the nature of the universe.

In Interstellar, the fifth dimension is depicted as a place where time is no longer a linear progression but a physical dimension that can be manipulated. This allows the main character, Cooper, to communicate with his daughter Murph in the past by sending messages through gravity waves.

This portrayal of the fifth dimension is based on the concept of a hyperspace or a higher-dimensional space. In this kind of space, it is possible for objects to exist in more than three dimensions, which would allow for unusual physical properties like the manipulation of time. While it may sound like science fiction, the idea of hyperspace is actually a legitimate topic of discussion among physicists.

In fact, some theories suggest that the universe may have as many as eleven dimensions. These extra dimensions are believed to be compactified or rolled up, meaning they are curled up in a way that makes them imperceptible to us at our observation scale. However, they could still significantly impact the behavior of particles and the structure of the universe.

What Does 5th Dimensional Look Like?

So, what did the fifth dimension look like in Interstellar? The film's portrayal of the fifth dimension is highly stylized, featuring a tesseract or a cube-shaped object that allows Cooper to access different moments in time. The tesseract is depicted as a complex structure made up of interconnected lines and shapes that are constantly changing.

While the appearance of the fifth dimension in Interstellar is undoubtedly fictionalized, yet it is not entirely unfounded. In fact, the idea of a tesseract is based on a real mathematical concept known as a hypercube. A hypercube is a shape that exists in four or more dimensions and can be represented in three dimensions by projecting its edges onto space. The resulting object is a cube within a cube or a tesseract.

In conclusion, Interstellar's portrayal of the fifth dimension is a highly imaginative depiction of a complex scientific concept. While it is certainly not an accurate representation of what the fifth dimension would look like, it does draw on fundamental scientific ideas and theories. By exploring the possibilities of higher-dimensional space, the film opens up a fascinating avenue of inquiry that could one day lead to new discoveries and insights about the nature of the universe.

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